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Galaxy Outdoor Island Construction Strength and Durability

Galaxy Outdoor Island Construction Strength and Durability

Galaxy Outdoors product line consists of an unlimited range of ready-to-finish custom islands, fire pits, fire tables, and other accessories to meet your customer’s needs. By using the new Galaxy Outdoor product line, the majority of the work of building a BBQ island is done for you. Since all islands are custom built, all you need is to furnish your design by showing the various built in components you want included. Using any brand of product, the island will be built to your exact specifications. It will be shipped to you in multiple sections, (up to 7’ in length), pre-cut for your components. All you need to do is bolt the sections together and you are ready to start the finish work. Typical island installation is 1 hour, not days, giving you huge manpower savings.

These custom built sections are made in Las Vegas, NV. Using galvanized 120 steel, 14 gauge tubing (not studs) and are then welded together (not screwed together). With the Galaxy Outdoor production capabilities, an order will be shipped to you within 14 days or less of receiving the order.

The company’s product line also includes USA made built-in stainless steel components such as drawers, doors, and storage units. All of this items are constructed 100% from 304 stainless steel and feature self-closing drawer glides and high quality stainless designer handles. With the extensive inventory maintained, all stainless steel components can be ordered and shipped with your custom built island resulting in reduced shipping cost.


Don’t forget we build and manufacture: 20 stock fire pits , fire tables, Kamado Rockets, and design any custom size of shape island or fire feature to fit your needs.

If you would like to become a dealer of the Galaxy Outdoor product line, call (702-448-5600) or send your email request to One of our dealer relations staff will contact you to go over all dealer programs and get the necessary dealer packet completed.

At Galaxy Outdoor we are always here to help! If you have any questions and need to speak with us, feel free to call or email us at anytime. Galaxy Outdoor, innovating the outdoor kitchen build.

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