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Outdoor Kitchen Design Gallery

American made custom barbecue islands and modular outdoor kitchens – Galaxy Outdoor is an innovator in the outdoor kitchen industry. Stop into our showroom today, schedule a consultation, or call us today – (702) 448-5600

Galaxy Outdoor is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom barbecue islands and modular outdoor kitchen area’s. Our professional and courteous design consultants are here to assist you in constructing a barbecue island that will complement your backyard environment. We offer custom barbecue island design for budgeted projects on up into the complete luxury packages. Come on into our showroom today and check-out our barbecue island design center, our design center allows you to physically arrange modular island pieces to construct the island you’ve always dreamed of. We offer consultations and on-site home visits too. Call us today to schedule a consultation – (702) 448-5600

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The Outdoor Kitchen Design Center

Galaxy Outdoor - Outdoor Kitchen Design Center

Galaxy Outdoor – Outdoor Kitchen Design Center

The Galaxy Outdoor Barbecue Island Design Center is a great way to physically layout your future Outdoor Kitchen area, this will allow you to almost experience your BBQ island before it’s even in your backyard. The Galaxy Outdoor team has taken an innovative modular approach to barbecue island design. The modular island sections, which have been placed on rollers will enable you to create infinite barbecue island designs. Come on in and get some idea’s, move the island components around, let us know what you want in your backyard. We’re here to recommend and gently guide you through the entire design process.

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