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Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Segment at Fox 5 News – 7-15-15

Fox 5 Kitchen Studio - Galaxy Outdoor
KVVU Fox 5 News - Las Vegas, Nevada

KVVU Fox 5 News – Las Vegas, Nevada

“Summer Promotions” Sponsored by Galaxy Outdoor

Executive Chef Sandra Mallut & Chef Brian Mosko – Appearance at the Fox 5 News Studio Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen Studio

Bacon Boys LogoOn July 15th, 2015 Executive Chef Sandra Mallut and Chef Brian Mosko who is the owner of Bacon Boys made a guest appearance at the Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen located inside our local Las Vegas KVVU Fox 5 News Studio Kitchen. The Chefs proceeded to grill up some amazing bacon blasted dishes using the Evo America open-top grill. Chef Brian Mosko when on to cook two signature items from the now famous Bacon Boys menu. Below you can see the menu description as well as the actual cooking segments. Remember you can pick up the Flat -Top Evo America Grill right here at Galaxy Outdoor!


The most epic breakfast sandwich on Earth

Donut[Dot]Vegas  Signature Breakfast Sandwich from Bacon Boys

Donut[Dot]Vegas Signature Breakfast Sandwich from Bacon Boys

One of our signature items, the donut[dot]vegas is a Pinkbox donut, bacon, egg, and cheese in one of the most epic breakfast sandwiches you will ever have.

Watch the Fox 5 News segment were Chef Brian Mosko cooks his signature Donu[Dot]Vegas below.
Galaxy Outdoor Chef Sandra Mallut & Chef Brian Mosko Cooking Segment – Watch Now!

Upcoming Event – The Galaxy Outdoor Backyard Blowout Sale – July 17th – 19th 2015

Check out the next segment below and don’t forget our Galaxy Outdoor Backyard Blowout Sale that’s happening this weekend. This is one blowout sale you won’t want to miss, we’re slashing prices up to 75% Off!

View The 2nd Galaxy Outdoor Segment

Chef Bruce Spangrud & Chef Sandra Mallut cook some more amazing food in the Fox 5 Galaxy Outdoor Kitchen.

Chef Sandra Mallut & Chef Bruce Spangrud Cooking Segment – Watch Now!

Galaxy Outdoor & Bacon Boys Cooking Class – July 16th

Bacon Boys of Las Vegas Nevada - Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Class Special Guests

Own Galaxy Outdoor Head Executive Chef Sandra Mallut and The Bacon Boys have coordinated a cooking class that revolves around bacon.

Galaxy Outdoor & Bacon Boys Cooking Class – July 16th 2015

Bacon Boys Logo

We brought in the bacon professionals known as The Bacon Boys for an exclusive class here at the Galaxy Outdoor Showroom. If you’re a bacon lover and want to learn how to create the ultimate bacon spread, contact Galaxy Outdoor or Head Chef Sandra Mallut to RSVP for this upcoming exclusive class.

Chef Sandra Mallut is the Galaxy Outdoor Head Chef and is available for private cooking classes as well as sanctioned Galaxy Outdoor cooking class events. If you would like to schedule a private cooking class with professional Chef Sandra Mallut please call us at (702) 448-5600.

The July 16th Exclusive Bacon Boys Cooking Class Menu

Bacon Sandwiches - Galaxy Outdoor special Guest Appearance by The Bacon Boys

Bacon Sandwiches – Galaxy Outdoor special Guest Appearance by The Bacon Boys

Between Executive Chef Sandra Mallut & The Bacon Boys it’s guaranteed that if you love bacon you’re going to love this exclusive bacon blasted menu we have in store for you on the 16th.

  • Bacon
  • Cooking with Bacon
  • Bacon Sandwiches
  • Bacon Cooking Techniques
  • Bacon & Sides
  • Bacon Sauces

For more information on the Galaxy Outdoor upcoming sanctioned cooking class events please visit the official site below.

Visit Our Official Galaxy Outdoor Cooking Class Today: http://www.galaxyoutdoorcookingclasseslasvegas.com/

Galaxy Outdoor Sponsors Bacon Boys at the Bally’s Bazaar

Bacon Boys Using Evo All American Grill

“The Bacon Boys menu was put together to highlight one of Americas favorite foods. Bacon. People of all ages and nationalities love bacon, and we want to bring our twist on bacon to the world.”

Bacon Boys Logo

Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada has been sponsoring an upcoming culinary superstar by the name of Bacon Boys. The Bacon Boys have setup shop at the Grand Bazaar shopping outlet located at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. The Bacon Boys have humble origins as a Food Truck Vendor and have quickly climbed to fame with their gourmet bacon blasted menu. Their menu is classically simple with lots of awesome flavors. Check out the Bacon Boys Menu Here. These guys are dominating Bally’s Grand Bazaar shopping outlet with classic American food that’s covered in bacon. Las Vegas locals should head on down to the Bazaar out at Bally’s for breakfast or lunch and try some of the amazing food these guys and gals are producing. Below you can see photos of their food vending tent.

The Evo Affinity 30G Flat Top BBQ Grill – Sponsored by Galaxy Outdoor

Evo Affinity 30G Flat Top BBQ Grill

Evo Affinity 30G Flat Top BBQ Grill

The Evo Affinity 30G Cooktop is the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens where the emphasis is on social cooking. Foods can be prepared directly on the cooktop, and either separately or simultaneously, pots and pans may be used as in traditional stove top cooking. The 30G has a 30” (762mm) diameter black oil-seasoned steel (optional ceramic-clad cook surface available) heated underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners. Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities. Heat is delivered to each burner via separate inner and outer control knobs.

You see more specifications on the Evo Affinity 30G Flat Top BBQ Grill here.

You can purchase the Evo Affinity 30G right here at Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas, Nevada. Come on down to our showroom today and find out how you can cook like The Bacon Boys.

Bacon Boys @ Grand Bazaar

June 8 @ 10:00 am – August 27 @ 10:00 pm
Bacon Boys Grand Bazaar Location
Open daily from 10am-10pm
Breakfast menu 10am-11:45am
Lunch/Dinner from 12pm-10pm
Weekend (Friday Night-Sunday Night) Bar menu from 9:15-11:59pm